Arthur C. Clarke & Frederik Pohl The Last Theorem

Arthur C. Clarke & Frederik Pohl The Last Theorem


Now sinister intelligences far greater than our own - the Grand Galactics - have assembled a vast invasion force to fly to our planet and exterminate every living thing. On the eve of invasion, with China, America and Europe in a final battle for supremacy, Ranjits daughter is taken. Determined to solve it better and faster than anyone else, his rise to fame draws him into the clutches of a secret weapons project codenamed Silent Thunder. Now he is all that stands between doom, not only for his own family, but the entire human race. They detected the flash of the first nuclear tests on Earth, even out in deep space. Meanwhile, Ranjit Subramanian, a young Sri Lankan astronomy student, has become obsessed with a three-hundred-year-old mathematics problem.

Тренируем руку. 3-5 лет. Пишем и рисуем по клеточкам

А.Б. Кцоев Государственное регулирование экономики

Сиенская Е. Письма

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