Mukul Kumar and Nitendra Prakash Selection Methods in Rice Breeding

Mukul Kumar and Nitendra Prakash Selection Methods in Rice Breeding


The efficiency of selection methods like pedigree, bulk and single seed descent, etc. India and Indonesia are the major countries in Asia producing the 85% of the rice produced in the world? primarily depend upon genetic variability. Keeping in view, the efficiency of five different selection methods were assessed in both normal and irradiated early segregating generations of two rice crosses. Although, hybridization in plant breeding provides the useful source of variability, but hybridization in combination of mutation would be expected to increase supplementary variability for favorable traits. A steady increase in production, choice of appropriate selection method is needed to further raise to genetic yield in rice. Rice is the staple food for 2.5 billion people, growing 9% of the earths arable land. Further, early generation selection would be advantageous because a genotype possessing all the desirable genes occur most often in early segregating generations (F2 and F3). This..!

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