Noa Oron Egypt by Shariah

Noa Oron Egypt by Shariah


The study reviews the Muslim Brotherhoods economic agenda and analyses the possible impact of the Shariah law on foreign investments, the banking system and the small business economy? The uprising resulted in a new regime, led by Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. While Egyptians were hoping for a new tomorrow, the new ruling party had intended to implement the laws of the past on every aspect of life, including Egypts economy. Can Islamic law help the Egyptian people achieve economic sustainability. The land of Egypt is in turmoil as the Egyptian people rise up against President Hosni Mobarak, who rules the country with an iron fist. The year is 2011. Egypt by Shariah discusses whether or not economic prosperity is possible under a regime whose rule is based upon the religious law of Islam. Leading experts on the Egyptian economy, including bankers, politicians and businessmen were interviewed for the purpose of this research, alongside Egyptian commoners.

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