Janet Baldwin Mediums and Mystics

Janet Baldwin Mediums and Mystics


Through their devotional practices they were able to talk to God, Jesus Christ, Mary and a whole host of saints and angels. In this book I analyse the structures and processes within which medieval mystics practiced and within which contemporary Spiritualists live more secular lives of spiritual observance. As a religion early Spiritualism was not based on an authoritative set of writings, it flourished through people seeking a different pathway to God: I show through my research how the movement continues to evolve. It is through this tenet that I give voice to contemporary women, medieval mystics and those in spirit. Female medieval mystics were thought by their contemporaries to straddle the boundary between the living and the dead. The three groups selected for the basis of my research in Perth, Western Australia, differ in many respects yet share an underlying belief based on the tenet that there is an afterlife and that this can be accessed through the skills of a medium.

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