Sisay Mengstie Indigenous Conflict Transformation Institutions in Ethiopia

Sisay Mengstie Indigenous Conflict Transformation Institutions in Ethiopia


In a bid to avoid, and at times to cope up with, such encounters human beings have been developing various indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms that are playing pivotal role for peaceful co-existence of their societies for ages. Consequently, the book informs public policymakers in their efforts to... Majority of conflicts usually end up with unintended grave consequences.And yet, conflicts are one of the inevitable phenomena in human relations. This book, therefore, analyzes the challenges and prospects of one of the indigenous conflict transformation institutions in Ethiopian.In doing so, the book takes into account the newly emerging theory of conflict transformation mechanisms, major causes, levels and actors of conflicts as well as challenges and prospects of indigenous conflict transformation institutions. To this effect, the research selected a case study to illustrate the nature, strengths and weaknesses of a traditional conflict transformation mechanisms.

Засурский И. Новая модель регулирования авторских прав. Общественное достояние и концепция общего блага

Лукьяненко С. Печать Сумрака

Открытые системы ПониМашка. Развлекательно-развивающий журнал. №04/2017


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